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We understand that your objectives as a Real Estate Investor are three fold.

1) You want to increase the immediate cash-on-cash return of your investment,
2) You want to increase the future value of your asset, and
3) You want to reduce the risks associated with owning Investment Property.

Our responsibility as your Property Manager is to help you reach each of the objectives. I invite you to contact me personally to discuss how our services can help PROTECT and ENHANCE the Value of your Assets while REDUCING the risks associated with owning investment property.


Property Management Services:

  • Reduce Owner Risk by Following Proven Procedures
  • Aggressive Marketing Campaign on all Vacancies
  • Thorough Tenant Screening and Tenant Selection Process
  • Protect Your Interests by Complete Compliance with the Landlord Tenant Act
  • Tenant Relations and Communications
  • Negotiate & Execute Comprehensive Leases
  • Fully Account for all Security Deposits
  • Perform Property Inspections
  • Obtain Competitive Bids on Any Necessary Repairs
  • Ensure All Maintenance is done in a Timely Manner
  • Fully Computerized and Detailed Monthly Statements Accounting for all Income and Disbursements
  • Disburse all Tenant Deposit Refunds and Supply Required Documentation
  • Collection and Accounting for Rents
  • Facilitate & Navigate Evictions if Necessary